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 Born To Dominate ---The Rules

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Born To Dominate ---The Rules Empty
PostSubject: Born To Dominate ---The Rules   Born To Dominate ---The Rules I_icon_minitimeThu 23 Jul - 1:32


1. We expect you to BE ACTIVE. This means you play on a regular basis.

2. Absolutely no hopping. I don't care if they hop you, it's nothing we can't fix. We are the best clan out there and do not need any extra drama or bullshit.

3. We expect you to BE INVOLVED. You should spend as much time as possible in the game with clan members. That's not saying you spend ALL your time playing with clan members, but why join if you aren't going to play with us?

4. We expect you to BE LOYAL. NO CLAN HOPPING!! This is not just a clan but a family. Why join if you are just going to leave?

5. You are not to recruit any players without a leaders approval. 
6. BE RESPECTFUL to other team members.  Remember, we fight as a team not amongst ourselves.

7. Please dont trash talk other players, UNLESS they start it first, then you have every right to defend yourself and the clan.

8. No RAGE QUITTING, especially if you are playing with the team. 

9. No Host codes, those are gay and require zero amount of skill.

10. Clan tag: BtD~ in any color you want. 

11. All players must have a Kik in order to talk to each other and add eachother back if we get hopped.

12. Any and all decisions made are by the leaders together (Jacob, Jose, Warriorz, OpZee and X) These rules are subject to change at any time.
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Born To Dominate ---The Rules
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