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Black Ops Wii Esports
Thu 4 Jun - 22:51 by {BtD}~TheGre@tØpZee~L
Hi everyone, I think that we could have a better tournament environement on black ops wii with finale and a real clan ladder.

The rules will be simple : respect, sportsmanship, No Host Hacks, Hackers vs no  hacks dont works.

If a rules is brocken the disrespect team will be OUT of the split or will loose 10points on the board.

Game Will be On a 10 000 Points match with a 10 minutes marks on the clock

Win =5 points
Lost= 1 points

To make a game Win and get your points  you need to fix a …

[ Full reading ]
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The forum will be offline tonight at 22:00
Sun 31 May - 19:00 by {BtD}~TheGre@tØpZee~L
The forum will be offline tonight at 22:00 for a update. Will be on soon as possible.

Categorie uptaded
ladder uptadde
home updated

Coming  up a new mod menu BtD Style and status upgrade .

BtD admins

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Funny joke for iphone users
Wed 27 May - 21:42 by {BtD}~TheGre@tØpZee~L
This message will shutdown there iphone ^^ 

effective. Power لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ 冗

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#TBT june 26 2014
Thu 22 Jan - 20:01 by {BtD}~TheGre@tØpZee~L
When me and W@RRioRz Beat Jakey's Clan #TBT

TheGre@tØpZee wrote:
Today me W@RRioRz and Modz beat RoS clan in a 3vs3 and me with W@RRioRz won in a 2vs2 vs RoS_xJakey and RoS_Andrew. Me and W@RRioRz won 30 000/23 600

 June 26  2014

And it was not the first win against them

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Merry Christmas
Thu 25 Dec - 18:04 by {BtD}~TheGre@tØpZee~L
santa  Merry Christmas bros Wink  santa

Very Happy

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Winter IS Coming
Thu 4 Dec - 3:00 by {BtD}~TheGre@tØpZee~L
SOmeting is coming back, something that was powerfull.

affraid affraid affraid

What is that  Question

They are prepared for what Question

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Wed 5 Nov - 12:54 by {BtD}~TheGre@tØpZee~L
i started to stream. Mostly League of legends content 

-Normal Games

almost in christmas vacation so more league and i will back on black ops Smile

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little break for me and WaRRioRz
Wed 17 Sep - 23:07 by {BtD}~TheGre@tØpZee~L
Me and WaRRioRz are now taking a little break of Black Ops. We have are not playing since 2 weeks.(somtimes we are On but not alot) But  we will maybe comeback more for Christmas break.

Love you all, see ya maybe 

We are Born To Dominate

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Still imposible to get hopped
Sat 16 Aug - 2:00 by {BtD}~TheGre@tØpZee~L
After almost a month, no one was able to hopped me Smile My way to not getting hopped is perfect. Like i said the tutorial will be maybe post in the vip section.

The school is starting in a week
 i Wish you guys good luck in your studies

hope you got a nice summer and do other thing then playing black ops.(outside is cool too) Wink

Will  maybe play legit with WaRRioRz again but with other name so these shitty hopper will not find us.

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And a other win for us
Thu 26 Jun - 2:56 by {BtD}~TheGre@tØpZee~L
Today me W@RRioRz and Modz beat RoS clan in a 3vs3 and me with W@RRioRz won in a 2vs2 vs RoS_xJakey and RoS_Andrew. Me and W@RRioRz won 30 000/23 600

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